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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Watching A Train Wreck - Reality Shows

Cable stations have reeled me in with TV reality shows with their marathon runnings. I don't tend to remember to watch a TV show on regular airing. However on a weekend, with the remote glued to my hand, I get sucked into TV reality stew pot. Here are a few with my couch potato editorials:

Bobby and Whitney - see, I can't even remember the title. This show brings out all kinds of emotions, including embarrassment. And why should I be embarrassed? Those two and the family aren't embarrassed or else why do a show where all your business is displayed. Am I embarrassed because people will think that black america lives this way or this is a prototype of our family? Not sure. Most of the times, I want to hit Bobby on the back of his head and tell him to put down that drink. My advice to Whitney? - I don't know. Really I'm not surprised by the behavior, although many considered her the sweet girl next door - this show didn't help the illusion. But the episode that had me laughing in horror was the camping trip. The episode that had me feeling sorry for Bobby was his Mother's Day breakfast plan. When Bobby sang on the evening show, I saw the talent that had catapulted him. But it was also a stark reminder to the effects of a raging ego, alcoholism, . . . did I say raging ego?

The Gotti Family - Again, I have a warped fascination for this one. There is a quote - It doesn't matter who my father was, it matters who I remember he was - Anne Sexton. This is the backbone principle of this show. At first, whenever Victoria spoke of her father in a loving way, my mind rehashed all his ill deeds. Now after a couple seasons (don't know how many) and the boys growing up, I figured - okay, in her world her father loved her, cared for her, provided for her. She is proudly carrying the family's name and drills it home into her sons' brains. And I suppose people must be thinking well, he only went after "bad" people. I did get tired of them screaming at each other and listening to her tell these spoiled brats to go to their rooms. But her sidekick Luigi cracks me up and I'm all for him pulling the stunts that he does. If she wants to pay a lunatic and have him hang around her house, so be it.

Sweet 16 - This one I could only stand two or three episodes. My main issue landed squarely at the parents' feet. I'm not the type of person to hold a grudge against a millionaire giving his daughter a Sweet 16 birthday bash. But when you teach your child to be nice to you or listen to you or do what you want because you're waving cash in her face, then I have to wonder if this constitutes some form of child abuse. What I see from that action, is a father teaching his daughter to be an emotional cripple. As for the girls who get mad over frivolous stuff, throw their butts into a helicopter with a day's ration and drop their whining behinds in some poor country. I shudder to think that these people and their generation will be the capitalists in power when I'm old.

Celebrity Fit Challenge or Club - Again, titles don't stick with me. This is mildly funny. Not the work out sessions, but the hurdles that some celebrities have to overcome to get their acts together. I do hope that their successes will continue even after the cameras have turned off and they are left to their own devices. Growing up in a family with overweight issues, I've seen the highs and lows.

Kathy Gifford - I like watching this. I have no idea why. It's not funny. I don't think she's funny or that my humor and her jokes coincide - for those who want political correctness. Yet, I like watching her transform with her makeovers to go on stage. I just remembered, I do laugh and that's when her parents are on. Her father is so darn funny. He says these one line zingers and doesn't laugh at all. I do feel sorry for her assistant Jessica many times and I hope that she's getting paid well.

I used to watch Real World. But some days, their issues and behavior were so immature and trivial that I refused to invest my attention to their cause.

Never got into the Big Brother, Survivor, or Amazing Race. Mainly I'd miss one episode and lose track and lose interest.

Now I was a diehard of Ozzie. Again - my horrified feelings drew me in. And what a train wreck that family is living - one thing after another with addictions galore.

Michelle Monkou


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