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Friday, August 19, 2005


I have always wanted a tattoo since my early twenties. I like the artistry displayed on the human canvass. My problem has been deciding on what to get. I’ve thought about getting symbols that have Zen-like meanings. Or selecting a Chinese character that carries a profound meaning. I have sought my power animal based on Native American traditions as another option. Then I would have to spend time explaining what the symbol meant. Nope, don’t want to be forced to be chatty about my body decoration.

Then I examined other people’s tattoos. Some were crisply done. Others looked smudged because the ink bled. Do I want color or simple outlines? Lighter skin shows off the colors more vividly. The outlined ones look more like jail house rock.

The History channel had a documentary on the history of the tattoo, along with the techniques. I know that I won’t be going for any of the ancient methods, which looks like sheer torture. They pound sharp points into the skin. The manual vs electronic technique is what gets to me. Then they showed the elaborate tattooing of the Pacific Islanders which I thought were pretty, but I had no desire to have such a significant portion of my limbs or torso covered. I knew that for sure.

On the train, I’ve seen tattoos on arms, ankles, shoulder blades, chests, and necks. Body placement has also been an obstacle for getting the tattoo. I don’t want it on a place that will sag. I’m really tickled when I see a young girl with a tattoo, like a pretty symmetrical heart, on her stomach. Silly rabbit! The top of the breast is another sticky spot especially if you’re heavy chested. Once gravity hits where exactly will that tattoo end up, unless they plan to invest in Victoria’s ‘shove em up’ bras. My ankle, my forearm, and my thigh were all places that I have chosen for this display. Now ten years later, I’m narrowing it down to the ankle. The skin hasn’t sagged – hmm, do ankle skin sag. Would my tattoo end up at the bottom of my feet when I’m pushing my walker.

Finally I saw a woman a few days ago with 69 tattooed on the inside of her ankle. She looked to be in her twenties going to work. I know the sexual connotation of 69. Figured she did too. So was she wearing the 69 to say, yes I’m in that club? Is it like a fraternity brand to help other members identify you? Is it an ad to a man or woman that you go for 69? I had fun pondering the possibilities of why someone would tattoo that on her ankle. When she is in her eighties, would it then become a badge of honor?

I may not ever get a tattoo, but I’m enjoying pondering the why’s and why not’s.

Michelle Monkou


  • I say keep on pondering my sistah!!! Nothing like marking up your body with tattoos and then as you get older they look like dirty scars or worst. So keep on pondering, I like the fact that it's just pondering.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 AM  

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