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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Good Old Days?

Shirley’s post got me thinking. She mentioned the age of computers. I remember way back when I was in school in Philadelphia and there was this huge article about a computer that had been build at the University of Pennsylvania and that it was so incredible and so fast that it was able to process information in less than a day. Wow! I was amazed. The article also stated that it only took up a single room. Wow! I was truly amazed. Imagine something so small taking up a single room and able to compute information in such a short amount of time.
I’ve actually told my kids about the good old days, they’re easily amused and since they seem to think that I was born in the Bronze Age anyway, they were amazed that any I could even remember that far back.
Yes, things did occur back then. There was no ATM, we banked Monday through Friday 9 to 5, there was no daily lotto machine, we used the number’s man on the corner, no Playstations games, we jumped rope, we had transistor radios, there was no cable or dish television there was NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and UHF. Remember the bunny ears on top of the television? Okay, maybe not.
Now cut to 2005, the whole idea of, the good old days, seems like a joke. We have computers that are nearly microscopic and are able to process information in milliseconds, banking 24 hours 7 days a week, CDs, DVDs, satellite radio and nearly 300 television stations. But I can’t help but wonder how difficult (by our current standards now) it must have been to write a novel. Yes, I’ve tried using my typewriter but really, there’s no delete button. How do you erase? Ribbon? White-out, what’s that? And where are all the games?


  • Girl, you ain't never lied!!! Those were the good old days and boy do I miss them. 2005 has made us all lazy and everything at our finger tips. We use to use pencil and paper to write letters, tell our stories, etc. We use to use our fingers to count, to firgue things out in our heads, now all we do is pull out the calulator or turn on the computer or pull out the cell phone w/calulator.
    Today has truly become the days of our children. We use to be happy to be able to watch TV (W/rabbit ears) to get the channel in, if we didn't have the rabbit ears, we would use a clothes hanger (let's keep it real, lol). We were glad to see NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and it was a treat to be able to get UHF, lol.
    I still remember those days and how we would go outside to play hide & seek, jump rope, play with our neighbors, climb trees, tag, dodge ball, listen to the older folk (we thought were old) stories of their time, etc. Those were the good old days and alot of fun to be had by all.
    Kid's today have no idea what a "record" is or was or even what it was about, sad but true.
    It's so funny that you mentioned ATM's, girl we would go into the bank and sign our names on the back of the check-get our little monies, now we had "direct deposit", banks open all day Saturday and Sunday to do business if you need to. Do your banking online, it's crazy huh, be it has become apart of us all(lol).
    Computers, playstations, ATM's etc have made us forget about the good old days. I thank you for brining it all back, hopefully our new general (2005) will ask questions and find out about our good old days, and they wer GOOD!!!
    They think that the clothes they are wearing today are new and different, but they are just recycled, some of their lingo, we used.
    It's funny how it all comes back full cycle.
    Keep up the Blogger, I love it!!!!

    By Blogger Charlene, at 11:55 AM  

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